Dr Divya Gupta

我毕业于西北师范大学心理健康教育专业,学习瑜伽十多年,教授瑜伽五年,在2015年获得国际瑜伽裁判员乙级证书。瑜伽是一种能提高注意力的运动,我通过瑜伽和冥想找到了宁静。 I graduated from northwest normal university, take psychological health education as my major. I Learned to practice yoga has been more than ten years,and have been a yoga teacher for five years. I obtained a certificate in 'Grade B' international yoga referee in 2015. Yoga is an exercise which can improves your powers of concentration, I found peace through yoga and meditation.

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  • Country:Hong Kong
  • Languages:English
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