Dr Yuva Dayalan

Dr Yuva Dayalan M.sc Comp,M.sc Yoga, M.B.A, P.G Dip in Fitness Management & Sports & Exercise Nutrition(Hong Kong) N.I.S.. grew up in an unorthodox Hindu family where the science of spirituality and discipline was practiced as a daily part of life This former International badminton player is a Media presenter, writer and actor of yoga Documentaries and martial arts shows in Television , who also touched heart of many people through his write up’s and articles in daily news papers Being a former International yoga champion and organizer of International yoga championships, Dr Yuva Dayalan formed the World Sports Yoga Federation with the guidance of Indian yoga gurus, yoga federation authorities & sports University authorities to govern the rules and regulation of the yoga championships in all level and also to train the judges /referees to International standards and certifies them to uplift the quality of the yoga championships and judgements. The federation has its registered head office in Hong Kong and India that has representatives throughout the world.

Extended Bio

Dr Yuva Dayalan has inspired lot of kids & common people to learn yoga and become teachers to spread this art. By teaching his innovating techniques ( Yuva yoga, Badminton Yoga, Kalari Yoga, Golf Yoga, Runners Yoga etc),organizing yoga championships and making yoga more simpler to learn their basics to build their advance practice was applauzed and respected by various personalities in society. He is also invited across the globe for Media events , International festivals, International conference, International yoga championships, yoga workshops, speaker of fitness in public awareness programs, lectures in university, schools, To teach & preside in charity events, organizing International judges clinics etc Being a former International player Dr Yuva Dayalan is the fore runner of sports yoga who trains and guides world class athletes, players and clubs players to keep them fit and focused in their game throughout their career by reducing injury and stress level in their respective sports Dr. Yuva Dayalan (ranked 2nd in india), was forced to stop playing due to an attack of pneumonia He took up yoga seriously as a therapy to cure himself. started basic training under guru C.M.Anandhan and immersed himself in intense study and practice of the classical eight limbs of yoga after meeting guru Dr.T.A.Krishnan. He then went on to win many national titles and international yoga competitions. Under the training by his mentor and coach Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi, he completed the N.I.S ( Higher Degree Certificate in Teaching Yoga ) with first class honors from the sports Authority of India. At a young age, Yuva was able to handle the classes for the medical students, corporate sectors, cricket stars, badminton and sports academics, police officials, Indian cinema stars and celebrities. After completing his studies, he started his yoga career in Hong Kong. He worked in Yoga Plus Ltd where he learned the art of innovation& created Kalari Yoga, Badminton Yoga, Golf Yoga,Runners Yoga and started doing workshops in Asia. At present he teaches at Yuvaa Yoga and is Director of YUVA HORIZON WINGS Ltd, Hong Kong. He also practices martial arts such as Kalari, Taichi, Ikbudo and Harness, and has also started to dive, run marathons and continue his further research in those fields.

學業成就/Academic Achievements

  1. M.sc Comp, M.sc Yoga, M.B.A, P.G Dip in Fitness Management &Sports & Exercise Nutrition(Hong Kong) / 受計科學,M.sc瑜伽,工商管理碩士,研究生文憑,健身管理與體育及鍛煉營養(香港)
  2. 敬重的大師(瑜伽)/Honorable Guru ( In Yoga )
  3. C.M.Anandhan , Dr.T.A.Krishnan and Dr kannan Pugazhendhi

專業資格/Professional Qualification

  1. N.I.S. ( Higher Degree Certificate for Teachers Training in Yoga )
  2. PhD in Badminton & Yoga (羽毛球及瑜伽博士)
  3. M.sc Yoga (M.sc瑜伽)
  4. Yoga Alliance Lead Trainer RYT500® & E-RYT200 ®(聯盟首席瑜伽註冊培訓師RYT500®&E-RYT200®)

成就(瑜伽和體育標 / Achievements ( Yoga & Sports Title)

  1. *Yoga Kalanidhi * Yoga Suryan * Yoga Baskara *Yoga Chandran (Kalanidhi瑜伽Suryan*瑜伽* Baskara* Chandran瑜伽)
  2. Former International badminton player (Ranked 2nd in India) *前國際羽毛球運動員(在印度排名第二)
  3. Chinese World Masters Doubles Champion, Singles & Mix Doubles – Runner-Up *前國際羽毛球運動員(在印度排名第二)


(藝術創新*創辦Kalari瑜伽武術*羽毛球瑜伽*高爾夫球瑜伽*賽跑瑜伽*營養與飲食講座*運動解剖學瑜伽*哈達瑜伽*健身與解剖訓練*羽毛球培訓*呼吸法及克利亚瑜伽及手印*靜心技巧*Yuvaa瑜伽* Yuvaa瑜伽流動*無痛脊柱*離心力

  • Art of innovation
  • Martial arts of Kalari Yoga
  • Golf Yoga
  • Runners Yoga
  • Nutrition & Diets Lectures
  • Sports & Anatomy Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Fitness & Anatomy Training
  • Badminton Training
  • Pranayama ,Kriyas & Mudras
  • Meditation
  • Badminton Yoga
  • Yuvaa Yoga
  • Yuvaa Yoga Flow
  • Painless Spine
  • Centrifugal Force

工作經驗/Working Experience

  1. Hong Kong & Indian Television Actor and presenter of Indian Martial Arts & Yoga Youtube : http://youtu.be/vQl5tzPK1TA (香港及印度電視演員和印度武術及瑜伽主持人)
  2. Yoga Teaching Teacher Training Courses & Workshops through Yuva School Of Yoga www.yuvaayoga.com (主辦瑜伽教師教學培訓課程及瑜伽工作坊)
  3. Organizer of National & International Yoga Championships, Youtube ; http://youtu.be/QfkI8IpzarE & www.internationalyogachampionships.com (主辦國家及國際瑜伽錦標賽)
  4. Entrepreneur of Brand 'DAYAL' - www.dayalssports.com (創辦自己的品牌 “ DAYAL” )
  5. Established Sports Academy www.dayalsportsacademy.com (創辦自己的運動學院)
  6. Teaches across the globe namely Canada, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Rishikesh Ganga india,Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, etc (任教於世界各地,即是加拿大,中國大陸,香港,澳門,瑞詩凱詩恒河印度,澳門,新加坡,台灣,泰國等,印度恒河 , 加拿大,中國, 泰國,澳門, 等 )

名譽職務/Honorary Posts & Positions

  1. Founder & Hon Secretary of World Sports Yoga Federation ®(世運瑜伽聯合會創辦人和名譽秘書®)
  2. Founder & Director - Yuvaa Yoga ®(Yuvaa Yoga創辦人兼董事)
  3. Chief Jury - International Yoga Championships (最高級 評審員 - 國際瑜伽錦標賽)
  4. Jury - Indian Yoga Federation (評審員 - 印度瑜伽聯合會)
  5. Hon Secretary & Founder of Hong Kong Yoga Federation ®(香港瑜伽聯合會創辦人和名譽秘書®)
  6. Vice President- Continental Yoga Championships (歐式瑜伽錦標賽副總裁)
  7. Director- Yuva Yoga Trusts ®( Yuva瑜伽信托董事 )
  8. Chairman - Yuva School of Yoga®(Yuva瑜伽学院主席®)
  9. Director - Dayal Sports Academy (Dayal 体育学院董事)
  10. Indian Coach - Hong Kong Badminton Association (香港羽毛球总会印度教练 )
  11. Director - Dayal Groups (Dayal集團 董事)
  12. Director - Yuva Horizon Wings LTD (友峰匯萃有限公司董事)

C.E.O - Yuva Publishing House ®(Yuva出版社最高行政人員) Forerunner and Organizer of the International Yoga Championships(國際瑜伽錦標賽前导和主辦者)

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