About History

World Sports Yoga Federation creates awareness about Yoga and Yoga for sports. It is an organization established to guide & build a stronger yoga community via international and national championships, judges clinics, yoga workshops and training courses. Our ultimate goal is to foster a healthier and buoyant yoga community all around the world via the peace and happiness that yoga can bring together.

Yoga Is known as the mother of all arts and has its roots in India, “The country of heritage”, with a long history of over 10,000 years, it is a seat of knowledge and the birth place of various art and culture .

WSYF has the following objectives

To Train, educate, organize workshops, create curriculum to understand and implement yoga for various sports.

Organize and promote Yoga Championships across the globle.

Educate & train jury / referees for International Standard competition, and organizing jury examination.

Establish & prepare syllabus for sports yoga courses in secondary and university level education.

Posture clinic

1.Grade"C" Jury/Referee

2.Grade "B" Jury/Referee

3.Grade "A" Jury/Referee

4.Championship Counsellor

5.Sponsorship Counsellor

6.Championship secretary

7.Organizing Secretary

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