Liu ying

Australia -Asian Pacific Yoga Alliance Chinese tutor Zuoyou Pilates function trainer Major in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Bhakti Yoga Studied Hatha Yoga with VIKRAM Devoted to physical therapy yoga (Emperor’s Internal Canon, hand diagnosis, spinal correction, holographic therapy) Focus on the combination of anatomy and psychology in yoga teaching 500 hours of private teaching experience; over 3,000 hours of group teaching experience Multiple visits to India for further studies

➢ Bio

  • Country:China
  • Languages:English,Mandarin
  • Teaching Speciality: hatha yoga ,Ashtanga yoga ,Bhakti yoga
  • Contact number: 138 1708 9603
  • Email:
  • 国 籍: 中 国
  • 出生年月: 1984年7月
  • 性 别:
  • 姓 名:刘 英
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