World Sports Yoga Federation offers partnership and sponsorship opportunities for your business to promote with our yoga community across the globe. All partnerships and sponsorship will provide year-round visibility and recognition with WSYF

Benefits of partnering and sponsoring with WSYF

  1. Gain exposure to yoga community and out door events organized across the globe
  2. Grow your business and recognition to increase your sales
  3. Build your relationship to increase awareness of your brand and products
  4. Customize sponsorship to meet your needs

We offer partnerships at various levels to suit your needs

  1. Associate Membership - A basic membership which allows you to grow with us and seek marketing opportunities in the field of yoga
  2. WSYF Endorsement - WSYF Endorses a brand/company/product that passes our quality test and requirement to provides high standards of service and quality to consumers and community. We provide both exclusive and non exclusive Endorsements.
  3. Banner / website Ads - Advertise on on web pages
  4. Championship / conference Sponsorship - Be a part of our Internationally recognized events every year in different countries as an exhibitor or display your banner
  5. Online clinics & Training course Ads - your logos and ads in our online training courses / clinics Youtube videos
  6. WSYF Foundation- lit light in someones life by supporting yoga lovers and practitioners through sponsoring scholarship
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