Adeline S.C. Lee

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  • Country:Hong Kong
  • Languages:English, Cantonese, Mandarin.
  • Public Phone Number (optional): +85297317752
  • Public Email (optional):;;

Adeline S.C. Lee ( 李淑菁) was born and raised in Malaysia. Adeline has a keen interest in fitness health and has been exposed to variety of sports. Initially she was drawn to yoga for its dynamism then under the inspiration of Master Yuva Dayalan, she is learning to appreciate her practice as a path towards living wellness & teaching yoga. She completed her teachers training course under the guidance of yogi Dr.T.A. Krishnan & Dr. Yuva Dayalan. She was also second runner up in the 17th International Yoga Competition, Pondicherry India & Champions of her age group in The 1st International Yoga Championships, Hong Kong 2011 Adeline and yoga was love at first sight. Her passion for yoga led her to the path of teaching after being certified by Yuvaa Yoga . To delve into the skills to work with different bodies, Adeline began to study Nutrition Natural Diet & Detox and completed Intro 1 teaching certification in 2009. Through her classes she shares not only the physical benefits of yoga, but also its Daily Nutrition Diet She is grateful for the inspirations from her mentor Dr. T.A Krishnan and Dr Yuva Dayalan, who taught her what yoga really was and what it took to be a good yoga teacher. She was also inspired to influence lives through positive energies and attitudes. She is honored to be able to share this precious gift of yoga with others from the prestigious Women’s Christian College (WCC), University of Madras, India. Sujayameena is a yoga practitioner. A certified yoga grade C referee, she has passed the International Yoga Referee Examination held in Hong Kong. Her passion for teaching led her to pursue Post Graduate Diploma in in yoga Education (PGDE) from Yuva School of Yoga,Hong Kong.

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